Need to get in touch with the secretariat?

16 January 2017: The secretariat has been exposed to water damage and we have therefore been temporarily re-located. If you have difficulties geting through on the telephone, please send your project advisor or other colleagues an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as we can.     

Have you designated your authorised signatory?

In order to submit an application or progress reports on finance and activities, you must have an authorised signatory. Learn more about the role of the authorised signatory and how to become an authorised signatory in our FAQ section and the programme manual.  

Call 3 is open

Ready to take your approved expression of interest to the next level? Now is your chance: Call 3 is open for submissions of full applications until February 1 2017. Learn more here


Explore our past results in our project portfolio and find out all there is to know about results in 2014 - 2020.

Joint Secretariat

The Joint Secretariat is based in Viborg, Denmark.


Mailing address

Toldboden 3, st. E, DK- 8800 Viborg


+45 7841 1770




 undefined Christian Byrith
Head of Secretariat
+45 7841 1772
undefined Carsten Westerholt
Deputy Head of Secretariat
+45 7841 1790
undefined Eva Sehested
Office Management and Stakeholder Relations
+45 7841 1770
undefined Anja Dalsgaard
Administration and Event Coordinator
+45 7841 1771


Communications Advisor
Position to be filled




Mette Bechsgaard
Administration Assistant
+45 7841 1774

undefined Isabella Leong (on maternity leave)
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1775
undefined Kira Petersen
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1776
undefined Christoffer Stougaard Villsen
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1791
 undefined Jesper Jönsson
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1796
undefined Matt Nichols (on leave)
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1777
undefined Axel Rejnstrup Kristiansen
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1794
 undefined Sarah Holsen
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1792

Jenny Thomsen
Project Advisor
+45 7841 1775