Turning light into knowledge

The Hollywood movie “Interstellar” has seen calls from eminent science journals for this to be shown in schools.

Why? Because top scientists say it accurately shows wormholes in space. The partners in Create Converge are celebrating this news because more importantly, it's a story of creative technology working in partnership with science - not just for entertainment.

So The project is all about getting visualisation and games tech to work together and work with sectors from architecture to science. It brings together partners in four countries of the North Sea Region and taps into their wider networks to deliver on the promise of converging creative technologies (CCTs). Encompassing animation, visualisation, visual effects, virtual reality and games, these tools can be used to explore, interpret and present content and information. Beyond entertainment, they offer applications for all kinds of sectors and markets - medicine, industry, architecture - for training, service delivery and marketing.

CC wants to strengthen and increase the existing capacity of NSR companies and organisations, improve service and systems and contribute towards the NSR as an internationally recognised hub for CCT services.

Across the NSR, the project will benefit production service companies operating in CCT, foster cooperation with different sectors, and benefit organisations working in those sectors with tools so they can better show, tell and sell.