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09 July 2014

Transnational Project Development Seminar and Partner Search event: Getting ready for the new programme

On 17th and 18th September 2014 the Secretariat is organising a Transnational Project Development Seminar and Partner Search event in Ghent, Flanders. 

The seminar is aimed at project developers in the process of creating project ideas for the new programme period. 

04 July 2014

Call for project videos for Open Days 2014

During the 12th European Week of Regions and Cities, an OPEN DAYS Cinema will be hosted by the Committee of the Regions. If you wish any of your videos shown in the OPEN DAYS Cinema, then send them by 15 July. 

01 July 2014

A buzzing North Sea Conference 2014

Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre was buzzing June 25 - 26, as 400+ members of the North Sea Region family met to discuss perspectives for the future at the North Sea Conference 2014.

Latest Project News

21 February 2014

E-harbours newsletter; “The e-harbours journey has reached it's goal

The sixth and final newsletter for the e-harbours project is here. The last issue focuses on the project findings and recommendations.

21 February 2014

The e-harbours Journey: Point of Arrival

The e-harbours project has come to an end. The aim of e-harbours is to explore the possibilities for large-scale implementation of smart energy
networks, specifically through four pillars of energy optimisation: Renewable energy, Energy effeciency, Electric mobility and stability for the energy  networks. Now we are happy to present the project findings after our three and a half years of work.

29 January 2014

North Sea Fish is heading for its finalisation

North Sea Fish is more than half way through! Since the start in September 2012 the successful and fruitful partnership has delivered various tangible results, that support all North Sea Fish partners to increase the innovative capacity of their fishery ports and regions. A challenging transition takes place!

The 6 North Sea Fish partners are cooperating for more than a year now. They have been busy with studies and implementing the insights in their daily practice in the ports. Several network meetings and conferences were organised to promote sustainable fisheries in the North Sea Region and disseminate lessons and insights to other stakeholders.

Project Ideas

The first step towards a project under the IVB North Sea Region Programme is to develop the idea and concept behind it. Visit the Project Idea Section of the website to view and submit project ideas. There are currently 5 ideas submitted.

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