Communication managers

If you are a communication manager in a North Sea Region Programme project, we recommend you to explore the links below.

Key requirements for project communication
Our Fact Sheet 25 describes key requirements applying to project communication.

Project logo
In 2014 – 2020, all North Sea Region Programme projects will use a specific Interreg project logo provided by the Joint Secretariat. 

An introduction to the project logo and Interreg branding is available in our Joint Branding Project Guidance. For more details, download the full Interreg Brand Design Manual.

A customised project poster is made available for all projects in our Online Monitoring System. You can download additional visuals here

Project webspaces
Once you have an approved project with our Programme, you will be supplied with a website, a project webspace.

The project webspace will serve as the project's main website and is linked to the Programme's online monitoring system and content management system (website). The approach makes it simpler for projects to communicate and easier for the Programme to collect project results.

To get started with your project webspace, visit My Project webspace for inspiration and guidance.

Have a question? Check our FAQs on project webspaces or get in touch with us.

Fact sheets
The following fact sheets are relevant at various stages of project application and implementation. 

Fact sheet 19: Application assessment process (version 3)
Fact sheet 21: Final reporting (pending)
Fact sheet 23: Indicators (version 2)
Fact sheet 25: Publicity requirements (version 4)
Fact sheet 27; Intellectual Property Rights and ownership of project investments  


Programme communication strategy
The Programme's communication strategy lays out the overall programme approach to communication in 2014 - 2020. Communication managers should take our strategy into account when planning their project communication.